Kings Hall of Fame is a celebration of the men who have forged paths for the masses to follow. The Moguls, Tycoons, Industrialists and Pioneers who risked everything to establish society’s boundaries.

This is a place to showcase our favorite Kings of Industry: their lifestyle and play time, their toys, philosophies, hobbies and companies.

FOUNDING EDITOR is Verna Lane (entertainment maven).  She grew up in a man’s world and has been private advisor to a few of the world’s richest and most powerful men for nearly a decade.

Her quest to study “Kings” began as early as age 12. Driven by an unexplainable urge to be entrepreneurial, she studied the biographies of power players – the movers and shakers whose courageous endeavors advanced society forward. Verna’s own path was indelibly carved by these details… by those men. Now – 30 years later – even amidst her own journey to conquer lands, she is still deeply passionate about understanding and honoring the men who shaped our world.

The King’s Hall of Fame is a tribute to the men who dared to be what they “needed” to be… those who listened to their instincts instead of the outer world.


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